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statusCallBack - handle status output in OpenMaple

Calling Sequence

statusCallBack(data, kilobytesUsed, kilobytesAlloc, cpuTime)




user_data pointer passed to StartMaple (void*)



total kilobytes used (long)



total kilobytes allocated (long)



total CPU time used (double)



This OpenMaple function is part of the MCallBackVector structure passed as an argument to StartMaple.


The statusCallBack function is called when Maple reports resource usage information (equivalent to the "bytes used" messages in stand-alone Maple).  This usually happens after every sweep of the garbage collector.


The prototype for the function you can assign to the entry in the MCallBackVector must look like the following.

void M_DECL statusCallBack( void *data, long kilobytesUsed,

                            long kilobytesAlloc, double cpuTime )


The cpuTime parameter is the number of seconds of CPU time consumed since the Maple kernel was started. This includes time spent in any callback functions.


The kilobytesUsed parameter indicates the number of kilobytes of storage allocated by the Maple internal storage manager.


The kilobytesAlloc parameter indicates the number of kilobytes of storage allocated by the operating system to the Maple internal storage manager.


If no statusCallBack function is specified, status information is sent to the textCallBack function in the form "bytes used=%ld, alloc=%ld, time=%1.2f", with the MAPLE_TEXT_STATUS tag.


The data parameter contains the same data as passed to StartMaple in the user_data parameter.


Source code for a statusCallBack example is provided in the samples/OpenMaple/HelpExamples subdirectory of your Maple installation.

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