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Exceptions When Translating Mathematica Input and Notebooks


The Mathematica translator does not translate Mathematica programs.


When translating Mathematica notebooks, most interface elements in these notebooks have an equivalent in a Maple worksheet, but not always. In these cases, the translator either raises a warning and attempts the closest translation or fails to translate that particular portion and requires interactive manipulation.


Some operations valid in Mathematica are invalid in Maple. The following sections describe the known translating exceptions.

Mathematica Input Exceptions


Mathematica package commands are not translated. For example, if the Mathematica notebook contains Needs[PackageName], the translated worksheet contains with(PackageName). The commands of the PackageName package are translated syntactically only as unknown functions.


There is no exact translation for the Mathematica Import and Export commands; therefore, these commands are not translated. Depending on the data, the Maple commands read and readline offer similar functionality.

Mathematica Notebook Exceptions


The warnings displayed when translating expressions interactively are not displayed when translating notebooks.

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