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MmaTranslator[MmaToMaple] - launch the Mathematica Translator to translate Mathematica input to equivalent Maple input

Calling Sequence




The MmaToMaple() calling sequence launches the Mathematica Translator for translating Mathematica input to equivalent Maple input (MmaTranslator[FromMma]) and Mathematica notebooks to Maple worksheets (MmaTranslator[FromMmaNotebook]).


The Maplet application has two windows.  You enter Mathematica input in the left window and the corresponding Maple input displays in the right window.


Note: The MmaTranslator[FromMma] command used by this Maplet application does not convert Mathematica programs.


When entering the Mathematica input in the Maplet application, it is not necessary to enclose it in double quotes (") or left single quotes (`).


To display the translated expression on the screen using mathematical format, select the output to worksheet check box.


To have the translation automatically evaluated, select the evaluate Maple equivalent check box.


By default, when you quit the Mathematica Translator by clicking Quit, it returns the last translation performed.


By default, when you translate a Mathematica notebook, the resulting Maple worksheet automatically opens untitled and the Mathematica Translator closes.  The Maple worksheet is not saved to disk.


The Maplet application is appropriate for translating one notebook at a time.  To translate multiple Mathematica notebooks using a single command and saving all translations automatically to disk, see FromMmaNotebook.


Note: Some Mathematica commands do not have an exact Maple equivalent; however, the translation can still be performed using the MmaTranslator[Mma] subpackage, which contains commands based on the existence of very similar Maple commands.  For more information, see MmaTranslator[Mma].



Launch the Mathematica Translator


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