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MmaTranslator[FromMmaNotebook] - translate a Mathematica notebook to a Maple worksheet

convert/FromMmaNotebook - translate a Mathematica notebook to a Maple worksheet

Calling Sequence

FromMmaNotebook(Mma_notebook_filename, options)

convert(Mma_notebook_filename, FromMmaNotebook, options)




Mathematica notebook filename or a list of filenames



(optional) keywords display or XML; specify that a worksheet or an XML representation is returned



literal name; FromMmaNotebook



The FromMmaNotebook(Mma_notebook_filename) and the convert(Mma_notebook_filename, FromMmaNotebook) commands translate a Mathematica notebook to a Maple worksheet and saves the results to disk. These commands enable Mathematica users to automatically translate their Mathematica notebooks to Maple worksheets.


You can also use the Mathematica Translator to translate Mathematica input and notebooks to Maple input and worksheets.  For more information, see the MmaTranslator[MmaToMaple] help page.


The translated Maple worksheet is saved in the same directory as the Mathematica notebook with the same filename and a .mw file extension. Mathematica notebook filenames must be enclosed in double quotes (") or left single quotes (`).


Note: If a Maple worksheet with that name already exists, a warning displays on the screen and the translated worksheet automatically overwrites the existing file.


If you specify the optional argument display, the translated notebook displays in a new worksheet and is not saved to the disk.


If you specify the optional argument XML, the related XML representation returns.


You can translate multiple Mathematica notebooks using one command. To do this, enter the first parameter Mma_notebook_filename as a list of Mathematica notebook filenames. You can save them to disk or open them in new worksheets.


Important Note: Most interface elements in a Mathematica notebook have an equivalent in a Maple worksheet, but not all. In these cases, the translator either raises a warning and attempts the closest translation or fails to translate that particular portion and requires interactive manipulation. For more information, see MmaTranslator/exceptions.





The following two commands save the translated Maple worksheet,, to disk.



For both previous calling sequences, the file extension .nb can be omitted.

You can convert and save multiple notebooks.


Alternatively, you can translate and display multiple notebooks without saving to disk.


You can also obtain the Maple XML representation of the Mathematica notebook using either of the following commands.



See Also

convert/FromMma, MmaTranslator, MmaTranslator/exceptions, MmaTranslator[FromMma], MmaTranslator[Mma], MmaTranslator[MmaToMaple]

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