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Matlab[setvar] - set a numerical array or matrix in an open MATLAB(R) session

Calling Sequence

setvar(X, Y, 'globalvar')




string naming the MATLAB® variable



MapleMatrix or MatlabMatrix



optional parameter asserting that X is global



The setvar command sets the MATLAB® variable X to the value of the matrix Y.


The variable Y can be a MapleMatrix or a MatlabMatrix. The effect of Matlab[setvar] is to assign X=Y in the MATLAB® memory space.


If you specify the 'globalvar' option, then the variable X in the MATLAB® session is flagged as a global variable. Use this option for running MATLAB® functions that use global variables.


Executing the setvar command returns a null.


Initialize a matrix in Maple and copy it to the MATLAB® environment.




Assert that the matrix should be set as a global variable in the MATLAB® environment.



The setvar command can also be used to assign another name to an existing matrix in the MATLAB® environment. Notice that the second parameter is a string.


See Also

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