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Matlab[openlink] - open a link to a MATLAB(R) session

Calling Sequence

openlink(command_string, 'force'=true)




command used to start MATLAB® (optional)



force attempt to load unsupported version (optional)



The command openlink opens a MATLAB® session and links to the current Maple session.


Maple is available on some operating systems that are not supported by MATLAB®.  On these systems, it is not guaranteed that the Maple-MATLAB® link will work correctly.  If your operating system is not supported by MATLAB®, an error will appear when trying to use the openlink or with(Matlab) commands.  This error can be bypassed by preventing the operating system version check.  This is done by specifying the option, 'force'=true.  Use this command only if MATLAB® is already working on the same system.  If MATLAB® does not work, forcing the link to open will probably cause Maple to crash.


The command_string parameter can be used to supply optional arguments to control how MATLAB® is launched.  For example, openlink("matlab -nosplash") causes MATLAB® to start without posting its splash screen.  Refer to the MATLAB® documentation, or matlab -help for details on other command-line arguments. Some optional parameters may be platform dependent.


The openlink command is automatically executed as part of the call to load the Matlab library, with(Matlab).


The openlink command will open a link with a new MATLAB® session when the previous one is closed with Matlab[closelink].  If the previous MATLAB® session is closed abnormally (that is, MATLAB® crashes or is closed from outside of Maple), the call Matlab[closelink] still needs to be issued before Matlab[openlink] can open a new session.


Executing the openlink command returns a null.


Open a link to a new MATLAB® session


Call the "Matlab Link" library


See Also

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