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Matlab[closelink] - close an open link to MATLAB(R) session

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The closelink command closes a MATLAB® session linked to the current Maple session.  Note that closing the session removes all data associated with that MATLAB® session.


There are three ways of opening a MATLAB® session from within Maple: using with(Matlab) to establish a link to all Matlab commands; using a specific Matlab command such as Matlab[fft]; or, using the openlink() command. The closelink command closes a link with a new MATLAB® session no matter which method was used to start the MATLAB® session.


After closing the link with MATLAB®, you lose all access to the MATLAB® data associated with that session. Any subsequent calls that use the Matlab library (for example, executing another Matlab[fft] command from within Maple) must open a new link.


If the MATLAB® session is terminated while the link is still open, you must call closelink before establishing a new link.


Executing the closelink command returns a null.


Opening a link to a new MATLAB® session


Closing the current link to MATLAB®


See Also

Matlab[evalM], Matlab[getvar], Matlab[openlink], Matlab[setvar], with

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