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Maplets[Tools][SetTimeout] - set the maximum amount of time Maple waits for the first Maplet application to start

Calling Sequence





(optional) integer timeout value



Maplet applications are displayed by a Java [TM] program separate from the Maple kernel and user interface.  This Java program is launched by Maple the first time a Maplet application is displayed.  In rare circumstances, the Java program starts, but fails to establish a connection with Maple.  After n seconds, Maple aborts the Maplet application execution and raises an error.


The default timeout value is 90 seconds.  Usually, the Java Maplet application manager takes only a few seconds to start.  The default is set to a high value to ensure normal operations are not impeded on slow or heavily loaded machines.  It is not set to an infinite value so that Maple can resume control in abnormal situations.


The previous timeout value setting is always returned.


If called with no arguments, the current setting is returned.


The default timeout setting.




Set the timeout to 120 seconds.




Notice that the previous timeout value was returned.

If you call SetTimeout again with no arguments, 120 is returned.




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