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Maplets[Examples][Integration] - display a Maplet application interface to integration

Calling Sequence

Integration(integrand, var)




(optional) algebraic expression



(optional) name or name = range; variable of integration



The Integration() calling sequence displays a Maplet application that queries the user to choose definite or indefinite integration.  Upon selection, the appropriate integration Maplet application is displayed. Upon closing the Maplet application (clicking OK), any resulting integral is returned to the Maple worksheet.


In definite integration, options are given for using Cauchy principal value integration and indicating that the function is continuous.


If this function is called with an integrand, that value is placed in the appropriate text field.  If a second argument is given, the type of integration is deduced from that argument.


The Integration sample Maplet worksheet describes how to write a Maplet application that behaves similarly to this routine by using the Maplets[Elements] package.




See Also

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