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Maplets[Examples][GetColor] - display a Maplet application that requests a color

Calling Sequence





equation(s) of the form option=value where option is one of default or title; specify options for the Maplet application



The GetColor() calling sequence displays a color dialog that prompts the user to select a color.  The value returned is an RGB COLOR data structure.  If there is no default color and the user clicks Cancel, an exception is raised.


The GetColor sample Maplet worksheet describes how to write a Maplet application that behaves similarly to this routine by using the Maplets[Elements] package.


The opts argument can contain one or more of the following equations that set Maplet application options.




default = anything


This is the default object returned if the user does not select a color. It need not be a valid color definition.




title = string or symbol


Specifies the Maplet application title.  By default, the title is Get Color.



GetColor'title'=Get Color



See Also

GetColor Sample Maplet, Maplets[Elements], Maplets[Elements][ColorDialog], Maplets[Examples], Overview of Maplet Applications

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