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Maplets[Examples][LinearAlgebra][BezoutMatrix] - display a graphical interface to the BezoutMatrix function

Calling Sequence




The BezoutMatrix() calling sequence displays a Maplet application that returns a Bezout matrix.


A definition of the Bezout matrix is given in the Maplet application.


The text inputs in the Maplet application are two polynomials, which determine the matrix.


By using the Return read-only matrix check box, control whether the matrix returned by the Maplet application is read-only. The default behavior is that the matrix returned is not read-only.


By using the Evaluate result check box, control whether the Maplet application returns the Bezout matrix or the calling sequence required to calculate the Bezout matrix in the worksheet. The default behavior is to evaluate the result, that is, return the matrix.


If the polynomials entered have more than one variable, when OK is clicked, a second window is displayed. From the drop-down menu, select the variable with respect to which the Bezout matrix is calculated.


The BezoutMatrix sample Maplet worksheet demonstrates how to write a Maplet application that functions similarly to the Maplet application displayed by this routine.




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