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Maplets[Examples][Alert] - display an alert dialog Maplet application

Calling Sequence

Alert(msg, opts)




string or symbol



equation(s) of the form title=value; specify options for the Maplet application



The Alert(msg) calling sequence displays a Maplet application that contains a message.  The user can click OK or Cancel. The value returned is true or FAIL, respectively.


The Alert sample Maplet worksheet describes how to write a Maplet application that behaves similarly to this routine by using the Maplets[Elements] package.


The opts argument can contain one or more of the following equations that set Maplet application options.




title = string or symbol


Specifies the Maplet application title.  By default, the title is Alert.



AlertInvalid input!

See Also

Alert Sample Maplet, Maplets[Elements], Maplets[Elements][AlertDialog], Maplets[Examples], Overview of Maplet Applications

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