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Overview of Maple T.A. Task Templates


The Maple T.A. task templates allow you to create questions and deliver assignments in Maple. The Maple T.A. software is not required.


Maple T.A. tasks cover five question types: essay, fill-in-the-blank, Maple-graded, multiple choice, and true-or-false.


Questions can include algorithmic variables to alter the content of the question for each student, hints to assist students when taking the assignment, and feedback to provide the correct solution to the question.


Questions can include text and 2-D Math, as well as images and Maple plots to further illustrate the problem.


After your questions are created, the assignment can be delivered in Maple, where a correct or incorrect response is returned on a per question basis, or exported to a Maple T.A. course module.


Maple T.A. tasks are supported by all versions of Maple T.A. as far back as version 2.


For an overview of Maple T.A. integration in Maple, see MapleTAIntegration.

Maple T.A. Question Types


The Maple T.A. folder includes:


- Essay questions


- Fill-in-the-blanks questions (with the option of 1 - 5 blanks)


- Maple-graded questions (with the option to include a plot of the student's response)


- Multiple choice questions with 3 - 5 choices (with the option of random order)


- True or false questions

Creating Questions in Maple


To create questions, use the Maple T.A. task templates. These special templates contain hidden code to create an assignment.


To access the list of Maple T.A. task templates:


From the Tools menu, select Tasks, and then Browse.


Expand the Maple T.A. folder.


Note: Maple T.A. task templates must be inserted in a specific location. For more information, see Inserting Questions.


Select the question type to insert and then click Insert Default Content or Insert Minimal Content.  The Default Content contains extra instructions when creating questions. The extra information disappears in the Assignment view.  The Assignment view is discussed in the next section.


Note: You cannot include embedded components (other than the Plot component), sketch regions, tables, or presentation blocks in a question.


To delete a question, place the cursor in the section title of the question and press Ctrl+Delete (Command+Delete, for Macintosh).

Making an Assignment in Maple


To take an assignment, from the View menu, select Assignment. All the instructions that are available when creating the question are hidden in the Assignment view.


With the Assignment view, you can enter answers to the questions, retrieve hints, and obtain feedback to determine if the answers are correct. A final grade of the overall assignment is not provided and, as with practice assignments in Maple T.A., answers are not stored upon completion of the assignment.


By saving the worksheet in Assignment view, you can distribute the worksheet as an assignment to students.

Exporting an Assignment to Maple T.A.


After you have created an assignment, you can export the worksheet as a course module. For full details on this process, see Export as Maple T.A.


After you have uploaded the course module into Maple T.A., you can change the assignment type and set other assignment options. Maple libraries that you have linked in the assignment are automatically linked in Maple T.A.


Important: If you edit an exported course module in Maple T.A., you cannot view the updated questions in Maple using this mechanism.  You can import a course module and access its questions using the Grading:-Quiz package. For more information, see MapleTA[Import] and Maple T.A. Integration.

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