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MapleTA[Builtin][plotmaple] - generate a Maple plot

Calling Sequence








The plotmaple command executes the given plotstatement string.


The plotmaple command in Maple T.A. recognizes certain options for the plot device, such as generating a gif versus a jpeg for display purposes. These options are not relevant within Maple itself, so they are stripped off and ignored during execution. java.text.DecimalFormat.


Example of a 2-D plot using the plotmaple command

MapleTA:-Builtin:-plotmapleplot((1-x^3), x=-2..2), plotoptions='width=250,height=250'

Example of a 3-D plot using the plotmaple command

MapleTA:-Builtin:-plotmapleplot3d(sin(x)*y, x=0..10, y=-1..1, style=patchnogrid, lightmodel=light1), plotdevice='jpeg', plotoptions='width=250,height=250'

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