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MapleTA[Builtin][mathml] - format an expression in MathML

Calling Sequence


mathml(f, nosimplify)




string or expression



string, identical(nosimplify)



The mathml command returns a string consisting of the formula f typeset in MathML.


Note: The MathML is generated as a string of tags. It is not rendered. Use MathML:-Import to convert the string back to a displayable expression.


By default, mathml(f) automatically simplifies the formula. To prevent auto-simplification, use the nosimplify option. The nosimplify option only makes sense when f is a command string. Otherwise simplifications have already been performed on f and cannot be prevented.



<math xmlns=''><semantics><mrow xref='id3'><msup><mi xref='id1'>x</mi><mn xref='id2'>2</mn></msup></mrow><annotation-xml encoding='MathML-Content'><apply id='id3'><power/><ci id='id1'>x</ci><cn id='id2' type='integer'>2</cn></apply></annotation-xml><annotation encoding='Maple'>x^2</annotation></semantics></math>


MapleTA:-Builtin:-mathmlx^2 + 4/8&comma;nosimplify

<math xmlns=''><mrow><mrow><mi>^</mi><mo>&ApplyFunction;</mo><mfenced><mi>x</mi><mn>2</mn></mfenced></mrow><mo>+</mo><mfrac><mn>4</mn><mn>8</mn></mfrac></mrow></math>


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