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Logic Package Operators



The Logic package uses a two-valued logic system, while standard Maple logic is three-valued.  For this reason, all Boolean expressions used in the Logic package must be expressed in terms of the operators &and, &iff, &implies, &nand, &nor, &not, &or, and &xor.


You may either enter expressions in terms of these operators directly into Maple, or transform expressions of type logical into expressions in terms of these operators with the Logic[Import] command.



Note that the Logic package operators do not have the same precedence as corresponding three-valued operators.  In particular, all operators have the same precedence, so a&orb&andc is equivalent to a &or b &and c, not a &or b &and c. Parentheses should be used to correctly specify the precedence.



Exporta &or b,form=MOD2



Exporta &nor b &and c &or b




Logic:-&impliesa,b &or c


Export`&not`a &or b &xor c &nand b,form=boolean



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