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Logic[Normalize] - normalize a Boolean expression

Calling Sequence

Normalize(b, form)




Boolean expression



(optional) expression where form=DNF or form=CNF



The Normalize command transforms a given Boolean expression into a specific normal form.


The normal form used is determined by the form option. The value of form may be DNF ( disjunctive normal form ) or CNF ( conjunctive normal form ). If no such option is given, disjunctive normal form is used.


The transformation is performed by applying the distributive law and De Morgan's law to the given expression.  The resulting expression is not guaranteed to be unique, minimized or in a canonical form.



Normalize`&not`a &and b

&nota &or &notb


Normalizea &and b &or c

a &and b &or a &and c


Normalize`&not`a &or b,form=CNF

&nota &and &notb


See Also

expand, Logic, Logic/BooleanSimplify, Logic/Canonicalize

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