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LibraryTools[Priority] - display or modify lookup priority of a library

Calling Sequence

Priority( archive, priority )




string; Maple library or directory containing Maple libraries



(optional) integer; lookup priority of the library



The Priority( archive, priority) calling sequence displays or modifies lookup priority of a library specified in archive. For more details on library lookup priority, see march.


If archive is a directory, priority numbers of all the libraries in that directory are displayed. Otherwise, if archive is a file that is a Maple library (has the extension .lib or .mla), then just the priority number of that library is displayed. An error is raised if the path specified by archive does not exist.


The optional priority specifies the new lookup priority to be assigned to the library and the new lookup priority is displayed. When priority is not given, the lookup priority of the library is displayed but remains unchanged.







See Also

LibraryTools, LibraryTools[Create], LibraryTools[Timestamp], LibraryTools[WriteMode], march

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