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LibraryTools[BuildFromDirectory] - create a library containing all the .m files in a directory

Calling Sequence

BuildFromDirectory( directory, archive, recurse )




string; directory to search for .m files



string; name of the library to create



(optional) boolean; whether subdirectories are searched



The BuildFromDirectory( directory, archive ) command searches directory and its subdirectories for files with a .m extension. The Maple library specified by archive is created to store these .m files.


If archive is a directory, Maple assumes the default library name, maple.mla.  Otherwise, archive specifies the path and library name.


The optional argument recurse can be used to turn off recursive searching of subdirectories.  If recurse is false, then only the specified directory is searched.


The BuildFromDirectory( directory, archive ) command uses the pathname of the .m file relative to directory as the indexname.  The file directory/subdir1/subdir2/file.m is given the indexname 'subdir1/subdir2/file.m'.  As well, the / character is used as the directory separator on all platforms.  Therefore the file windows\dotfiles\foo.m has indexname 'windows/dotfiles/foo.m'.


If directory does not exist, an error is generated.


If the specified library exists or the library could not be created, an error is generated. (See march.)





See Also

LibraryTools, LibraryTools[AddFromDirectory], LibraryTools[UpdateFromDirectory], march, save, savelib

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