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LibraryTools[ActivationModule] - set the procedure or module to be called when a library is opened

Calling Sequence

ActivationModule( archive, m )




string; Maple library



module or procedure



The ActivationModule( archive, m) calling sequence sets the module or function to be called when the archive is opened.  A ".mla" archive can be opened by specifying the file as command-line argument to Maple, or by using the File>Open menu.  Any archive can be opened by using the march('open', archive) command.


When a library archive containing an activation module is opened, that module is called with one argument, the path to the archive file. This function can be used to run arbitrary Maple code, including code to unpack files stored in the archive.


If m is a module, it should have an export named ModuleApply. For details, see the ModuleApply help page.





ActivationModule(LibLocation,proc() print("hi") end);

See Also

library, LibraryTools, march, ModuleApply

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