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InstallerBuilder[Build] - build a toolbox installer

Calling Sequence

Build( toolbox_name, general_options, panel_options )




string; name of toolbox



(optional) equation(s) of the form option=value where option is one of author, height, manifest, target, uninstaller, version, or width; specify general options



(optional) equation(s) of the form panel_name=[panel_attribute_option=value] where panel_name is one of welcome, validation, license, isnetwork, issystem, installation, or finish; and panel_attribute_option is one or more of active, image, script, text, or validate; specify panel options



The Build( toolbox_name, general_options, panel_options ) calling sequence creates an installer for a Maple toolbox in the form of an executable Maple archive.


For information on the general and panel options that can be used with the Build command, see InstallerBuilder Options.


InstallerBuilder[Build]SampleToolbox,target=tmpfile.mla,welcome=text=Welcome to the SampleToolbox Installer,installation=text=Installation is proceeding...,finish=text=The installation of the SampleToolbox has completed,manifest=data/SampleToolbox.txt=SampleToolbox.txt,uninstaller=false

See Also

InstallerBuilder, InstallerBuilder Options, InstallerBuilder[Interactive]

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