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ImageTools[Read] - read an image from a file or URL

Calling Sequence

Read( file, img, opts )

Read( url, img, opts )




string; the pathname of the image file to read



string; URL address of an image file to read



(optional) Image; rtable to read image into



(optional) equation(s) of the form option = value; specify options for the Read command



The Read command returns an Image read from an image file in one of the supported formats. After completing the read, the file is closed.


The Read command can read most variations of the supported formats. Those that are not grayscale, RGB, or RGBA, such as YCbCr or color-mapped images, are converted to one of the supported formats while being read.


The file parameter is the name of the file and it must be a Maple string. If the format option is not provided, the file format is determined from the extension of the file name. For example, the string image.jpg is read as a JPEG file.


The optional img parameter is a data structure into which the image is written.  It must be of type Image and have the proper dimensions and layers for the image. Using the img parameter is equivalent to using the output option.







img2:= 1..100 x 1..200 x 1..3 ArrayData Type: float8Storage: rectangularOrder: C_order



See Also

ImageTools, ImageTools[Formats], ImageTools[RGBtoGray], ImageTools[Write]

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