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Grid[Status] - query the status of the Grid server

Calling Sequence




The Status command queries the grid status and returns the total number of nodes in the grid as well as the number of nodes available for a computation. The return value is a sequence of these two integers.


These numbers are somewhat dependent on the Setup mode being used.


In "local" mode, both numbers, total, and available, are always the same. Initially the number of nodes is set to kernelopts(numcpus).  A launched job can exceed this number.  Subsequently, the Status will show the maximum number of nodes used in the current session.


In "mpi" mode, the results are queried from your grid-aware operating system.  These numbers cannot be exceeded, an attempt to launch a job using more than the total nodes will fail.  An attempt to launch a job using more than the available nodes will be queued up according to the operating system's scheduler.


In "hpc" mode, the results are derived from the number of nodes that have been found during the auto-discovery process.  The total nodes depends on the configuration given to the Server command, or launch script, which tells the Grid Computing Toolbox how many nodes to set up.  An attempt to launch a job using more than the available nodes will fail and not be queued.  The number of available and total nodes can be different if another Maple process is executing a launched job.


Note that the number available in both "hpc" and "mpi" modes is based on a snapshot taken shortly after executing the Status command. Since jobs can be launched from other clients at any time and existing jobs can also finish at any time, the number may be out of date by the time it is returned.



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