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Grading[Quiz] - generate an interactive quiz

Calling Sequence

Quiz( question_statement, grade, init, options )

Quiz( MapleTAImport )







procedure or value



procedure or value



Record imported by MapleTA:-Import



The Quiz command generates a simple interactive tool that displays a question, accepts a response, and grades the response. If the question generation is algorithmic, then it also offers the ability to try another version of the question with new random variables.


The question_statement should be a string containing the text of the question.  Blanks can be implicitly assigned by including "$" variables within the question text.  


The grader argument is either the correct answer, or a procedure that returns true or 1 for a correct answer and false or 0 for an incorrect response.


The grader procedure should either take two arguments -- the response and expected answer -- or use Quiz:-Get to get the "$RESPONSE" variable.


The init argument is either an initial value or a procedure that generates initial values.  


As a procedure, init takes no arguments. It can either set "$" variables using Quiz:-Set, or return a value that will be implicitly filled into the question.


The Quiz Example Worksheet provides a number of examples.

See Also

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