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Excel (.xlsx, .xls) File Format - Excel file format



The Excel spreadsheet format is the native file format of Microsoft® Excel.


The name refers both to the Excel Binary File Format (.xls) in use until Excel 2007, and to the Office Open XML spreadsheet format (.xlsx) in use by Excel 2007 and later revisions.


The ExcelTools package allow detailed control over import and export of Excel spreadsheets.


The general-purpose commands Import and Export also support this format.


Import data from an Excel spreadsheet.


C:\Program Files\Maple 2015\data\Excel\ExperimentalData.xls



M:= 12 x 7 MatrixData Type: anythingStorage: rectangularOrder: Fortran_order


To perform the following example, you should create an Excel spreadsheet named Employees.xlsx with the necessary sheets and cells.


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