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ExternalCalling[DefineExternal] - create a link to an external function

Calling Sequence

DefineExternal( fn, extlib )

DefineExternal( fn, extlib, cright )




string or name; denotes the name of the wrapper function to link



string or name; denotes the name of the external library containing the wrapper function



(optional) string; denotes the copyright placed on the returned Maple procedure.



The DefineExternal(fn, extlib) command calls define_external with the MAPLE option and saves the result in a remember table.  The procedure used to prepare the invocation of the external routine fn is returned, optionally with the specified copyright statement cright.


Note: Saving the result of DefineExternal in a remember table is essential for the efficient operation of the external linking. Without it, the external communications must be set up every time an external routine is entered.






extcall:=procoptioncall_external,define_externalmstring_uppercase,MAPLE,;call_external0,140668924975952,true,false,argsend proc


extcall:=DefineExternal'mstring_uppercase',extlib,Copyright (c) 2001, ...

extcall:=procoptioncall_external,define_externalmstring_uppercase,MAPLE,,COPYRIGHT=Copyright (c) 2001, ...,copyright=Copyright (c) 2001, ...;call_external0,140668924975952,true,false,argsend proc


See Also

CustomWrapper, define_external, external_calling, ExternalCalling, ExternalCalling[ExternalLibraryName]

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