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EssayTools[Reduce] - reduces an essay to core ideas

Calling Sequence

Reduce( essay )




string or list or array of strings



The Reduce command breaks an essay up into sentences and sentence fragments that contain a logical idea.  Words inside each idea are additionally reduced by applying the Lemma command, correcting spelling, and pruning conjunctions and definite articles.  


An attempt is made to identify the subject of the previous fragment so it can be carried forward into the new fragment replacing some pronouns like "it" and "they".  This is heuristic based and may often pick the wrong subject.


This function is part of the EssayTools package, so it can be used in the short form Reduce(..) only after executing the command with(EssayTools). However, it can always be accessed through the long form of the command by using EssayTools[Reduce](..).



ReduceThe car was super fast. It was rocket screaming fast. Nothing else could touch it.

car be super fast,car be rocket screaming fast,nothing can touch touch


ReduceThe tortoise and hare was a great story because it showed how an underdog can succeed with dedication and perseverance.

tortoise hare be great story,tortoise show how underdog can succeed dedication perseverance


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