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EssayTools[CountUseOfEachWord] - count the occurrences of individual words in an essay

EssayTools[CountUseOfAllWords] - count the occurrences of a group of words in an essay

Calling Sequence

CountUseOfEachWord( essays, words )

CountUseOfAllWords( essays, words )




set, list, or array of strings



set, list, or array of strings



The CountUseOfEachWord command looks for occurrences of words in essays.  The returned result will be a N x M array, where N is the number of essays, and M is the number of words.  The count at Result[i,j] will be the number of occurrences of word j in essay i.


The CountUseOfAllWords command looks for occurrences of words in essays.  The returned result will an array with N entries, where N matches the number of essays. The count at Result[i] will be the total number of occurrences of all the words found in the list specified by words.


Changes in capitalization are considered equal in the count. Changes of word form such as pluralization are not considered in the count.


This function is part of the EssayTools package, so it can be used in the short form SimilarityScore(..) only after executing the command with(EssayTools). However, it can always be accessed through the long form of the command by using EssayTools[SimilarityScore](..).





CountUseOfEachWorda a b b c c,a a a c,a,b,c



CountUseOfAllWordsa a b b c c,a a a c,a,b,c



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