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EssayTools[AppendToWordList] - append to the word list

EssayTools[SetWordList] - set or override the word list

Calling Sequence

SetWordList( words )

AppendToWordList( words )




list or array of strings



The default word list is loaded with approximately 114000 English words. This list is primarily used for checking and correcting spelling.  The SetWordList and AppendToWordList commands allow you to work with an alternate word list, perhaps a different language, or augment the existing word list with words that would not normally be found in a dictionary.


This function is part of the EssayTools package, so it can be used in the short form SetWordList(..) only after executing the command with(EssayTools). However, it can always be accessed through the long form of the command by using EssayTools[SetWordList](..).





Misspellingsamadeupword is not in the word list






Misspellingsamadeupword IS in the word list


See Also

EssayTools, EssayTools[Misspellings], EssayTools[SpellCorrectWord]

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