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DynamicSystems[ZeroPolePlot] - plot zeros and poles of a linear system

Calling Sequence

ZeroPolePlot (sys, opts)




System; system object to plot



(optional) equation(s) of the form option = value; specify options for the ZeroPolePlot command



The ZeroPolePlot command plots the zeros and poles of a subsystem of sys, a System object. The zeros correspond to the roots of the numerator of the transfer-function of sys, the poles to the roots of the denominator.


The roots are plotted on the complex plane. The horizontal axis corresponds to the real part of the roots, the vertical axis to the imaginary part.


Zeros are plotted as circles, poles are plotted as crosses.


The default plot-option axes is set to boxed; this permits viewing a pole (cross) that would otherwise lie on an axis.


For a multi-input/multi-output system, some or all of the subsystems can be selected. The option subsystem selects the subsystems.


The ZeroPolePlot command takes all standard plot,options. For the special syntax that ZeroPolePlot uses with the color option, see below.



Create a system with two inputs and two outputs:





ZeroPolePlotsys,color=red,green,blue,brown,title=Zeros and Poles

ZeroPolePlotsys,subsystem=1,1,color=red,title=System [1,1]

ZeroPolePlotsys,subsystem=1,2,2,1,color=red,blue,title=Systems [1,2] and [2,1]




The commands to create the plot from the Plotting Guide are


ZeroPolePlotsys_z,color=red,title=Discrete System

See Also

DynamicSystems, DynamicSystems[RootLocusPlot], DynamicSystems[SystemObject]

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