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DynamicSystems[BodePlot] - plot magnitude and phase versus frequency

Calling Sequence

BodePlot( sys, opts )




System; system object to plot



(optional) equation(s) of the form option = value; specify options for the BodePlot command



The BodePlot command plots the magnitude versus frequency and the phase versus frequency response of a System object, sys. By default, the BodePlot command returns an arrayplot which consists of the magnitudeplot and the phaseplot.


If sys is a continuous system, its s-domain transfer function is computed and then converted to the real frequency domain using the transformation s -> I*omega, where omega is the angular frequency.


If sys is a discrete system, its z-domain transfer function is computed and then converted to the real frequency domain using the transformation z -> exp(I*omega*Ts), where omega is the angular frequency and Ts is the sample time.


The BodePlot command uses the plot option axis to assign a logarithmic scale to an axis. This feature does not work with the default plot driver used in the Classic Worksheet interface. To use this feature in the Classic worksheet interface, or with command-line Maple, use plotsetupmaplet. For details, see plot,device.


The BodePlot command takes all standard plot,options.










Plot the two subsystems on the matrix diagonal.  This is the command to create the plot from the Plotting Guide.


See Also

DynamicSystems, DynamicSystems[MagnitudePlot], DynamicSystems[PhasePlot], DynamicSystems[SystemObject]

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