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DocumentTools[AddPalette] - add a custom Snippets palette to a palette pane

Calling Sequence

AddPalette(palette_name, location=loc, position=pos, store=st)




string ; the name of the custom Snippets palette



(optional) "left" or "right" ; the pane in which to insert the new palette (default: "left")



(optional) "top" or "bottom" ; where to place the new palette in the pane (default: "top")



(optional)  truefalse  ; whether the palette should be reloaded in subsequent Maple sessions (default: false)



The AddPalette function adds a custom Snippets palette to the left (default) or right palette pane.  The palette can be placed either at the top (default) or at the bottom of the selected pane.


If the store option is given as store=true (or as just store), the palette will be added to the set of palettes which are available in subsequent Maple sessions.  By default, Snippets palettes are removed when the Maple session ends and are not restored in subsequent sessions.


Snippets palettes can be manipulated just as the built-in palettes are by using the Arrange Palettes dialog (available from the View > Palettes menu).


To add entries to a Snippets palette, use the DocumentTools[AddPaletteEntry] command.


To remove a Snippets palette, use the DocumentTools[RemovePalette] command.



AddPaletteMy first palette

AddPaletteMy second palette,location=right,position=top,store

RemovePaletteMy first palette

See Also

Arrange Palettes, DocumentTools, DocumentTools[AddPaletteEntry], DocumentTools[RemovePalette], worksheet/expressions/createpalette

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