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DocumentTools[AddIcon] - add an icon file to a Maple help database file

Calling Sequence

AddIcon(icon_name, path=source, hdb=target)




string ; the name to use when storing the icon in the HELP file



string ; the path to the file containing the icon image



(optional) string ; the path to the Maple help database file in which to store the icon (default: your default file)



The AddIcon function stores an icon image into a help database file.  This is a necessary step before an icon can be used in a custom Snippets palette.


Once stored, the icon can be referenced by the name icon_name when associating the icon with a task in a Snippets palette (see DocumentTools[AddPaletteEntry] for details).


If hdb=target is not given, the icon will be stored in your default file.


The pathname(s) to the icon image file and/or .help file can be absolute or relative to currentdir.


For information regarding the specification of filename and pathname, see filename and backslash.



AddIconTask 1 icon,path=/path/to/icon/file.png

AddPaletteEntryTask_1,palette=My palette,icon=Task 1 icon

See Also

About Help Databases, Arrange Palettes, backslash, currentdir, DocumentTools, DocumentTools[AddPalette], DocumentTools[AddPaletteEntry], filename

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