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Overview of the ExteriorDifferentialSystems package



The DifferentialGeometry:-ExteriorDifferentialSystems package provides basic symbolic capabilities for working with Pfaffian differential systems and distributions.


The ExteriorDifferentialSystems package is a subpackage of the DifferentialGeometry package. Each command in the ExteriorDifferentialSystems package can be accessed by using either the long form or the short form of the command name in the command calling sequence.

List of the ExteriorDifferentialSystems commands

The following is a list of available commands







A brief description of the package's commands is as follows.


CauchyCharacteristics: find the Cauchy characteristic vector fields for a Pfaffian system.


DerivedFlag: calculate the derived flag for a distribution of vector fields or a Pfaffian differential system.


FirstIntegrals: find the first integrals of a Pfaffian differential system.


InfinitesimalSymmetriesOfEDS: find the infinitesimal symmetries of a Pfaffian differential system.


IntegralManifold: find the integral manifolds for an exterior differential system.

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