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PreparedStatement:-Execute - execute a prepared statement

Calling Sequence

preparedstat:-Execute( opts )




PreparedStatement module



anything; parameter to insert into the prepared statement



Execute inserts its arguments into the prepared statement represented by preparedstat. The statement is then executed.


Execute accepts at most the number of arguments as parameters ("?") in the SQL string passed into CreatePreparedStatement. If less are given, then SQL NULL is used for the unspecified parameters.


Maple attempts to convert the Maple type passed into Execute to the correct SQL type.  If the default Maple conversion is incorrect, you can specify the conversion using a type cast. For details, see Database/conversions.


Execute returns the return value of the first statement.  The return values of subsequent statements are accessible via NextResult.


If a statement is an update, then the return value is an integer representing the update count.  If a statement is a query, then the return value is a Result module representing the table of values.


Not all Java Database Connectivity [JDBC] Drivers can handle multiple SQL statements in a single string.  In this case, the behavior of Execute with multiple statements is undefined.


If a large number of similar statements are to be executed (for example populating a table with INSERTs), using a PreparedStatement may be more efficient than Statement.



conn:=driver:-OpenConnectionurl,name,pass:pstat:=conn:-CreateStatementSELECT name FROM animals WHERE id = ?; SELECT name FROM animals WHERE id = ?; SELECT name FROM animals WHERE id = ?;:

Execute some statements.


Check the value.




Get the next result.


Get the value.




Now the last result




See Also

Database, Database[Connection][ExecuteQuery], Database[Connection][ExecuteUpdate], Database[PreparedStatement], Database[PreparedStatement][NextResult], Database[Result], Database[Statement], Database[usage]

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