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Connection:-Rollback - cancel the current transaction

Calling Sequence

connection:-Rollback( )




Connection module



Rollback cancels the current transaction and discards all the changes in the current transaction.  After Rollback has been called a new transaction is in effect.


The current transaction can be committed by calling Commit.


Execute an update.


conn:=driver:-OpenConnectionurl,name,pass:conn:-ExecuteUpdateINSERT INTO animals( id, name, number, mass ) VALUES( 11, 'chicken', 15, 2.1 ):conn:-ExecuteUpdateINSERT INTO animals( id, name, number, mass ) VALUES( 12, 'cow', 2, 513 ):

Calling Rollback cancels all the uncommitted changes.

conn:-Rollback;conn:-ExecuteQuerySELECT * FROM animals WHERE id > 10,output='Array'


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