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Connection:-ExecuteUpdate - execute a Single SQL Update

Calling Sequence

connection:-ExecuteUpdate( stat, opts )




Connection module



string; the SQL update to execute



(optional) equation of the form commit=name



ExecuteUpdate executes an SQL update over connection.  The SQL string stat must contain only a single SQL statement that performs an UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE, or an SQL statement that returns nothing.  Passing any other statement to ExecuteUpdate is an error.


The value returned by ExecuteUpdate is an integer representing the update count (the number of rows changed by the update).


The opts argument can contain the following equation.


commit = true or false


By passing commit=true, Maple automatically calls Commit after executing the update. By default, there is no commit after the update is executed.


Query some data from the database.


conn:=driver:-OpenConnectionurl,name,pass:result:=conn:-ExecuteQuerySELECT * FROM animals WHERE id > 10,'output'='Array':


c:-ExecuteUpdateINSERT INTO animals( id, name, number, mass ) VALUES( 11, 'chicken', 15, 2.1 )



c:-ExecuteUpdateINSERT INTO animals( id, name, number, mass ) VALUES( 12, 'cow', 2, 513 ),commit=true



c:-ExecuteQuerySELECT * FROM animals WHERE id > 10,output='Array'



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