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Connection:-CreatePreparedStatement - create a Prepared Statement Module

Calling Sequence

connection:-CreatePreparedStatement( sql, opts )




Connection module



string; the SQL statement to prepare



(optional) equations of the form option=integer where option is one of timeout, maxrows or maxfieldsize



CreatePreparedStatement returns a PreparedStatement module.  This PreparedStatement module can be used to send a prepared SQL statement to the database. For information on prepared statements see the PreparedStatement page.


CreatePreparedStatement accepts as optional arguments the same options that can be set with preparedstatement:-SetOptions.


timeout = integer


The number of seconds the client waits for a response from the database.


maxrows = integer


The maximum number of rows a query returns.


maxfieldsize = integer


The maximum number of bytes that a column uses to store character or binary data.  This only applies to columns of type BINARY, VARBINARY, LONGVARBINARY, CHAR, VARCHAR, and LONGVARCHAR. If the limit is exceeded, then the extra data is ignored.




Create a statement with no options specified.


stat1:=moduleoptionunload=Close;localhandle;exportExecute,NextResult,Close,SetOptions,GetOptions;end module


Create statements with various options.


See Also

Database, Database[Connection], Database[Connection][CreateStatement], Database[Connection][ExecuteQuery], Database[Connection][ExecuteUpdate], Database[PreparedStatement], Database[Statement], Database[usage]

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