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Connection:-Commit - commit the current transaction

Calling Sequence

connection:-Commit( )




Connection module



Commit closes the current transaction and applies all the changes to the database.  After Commit has been called, a new transaction is in effect.


The current transaction can be canceled by calling Rollback.


Depending on the transaction isolation of the current Connection, updates made within a transaction may not be visible to other processes accessing the database until the changes are committed.  For more information about transaction isolation, see SetOptions.


Execute an update.


conn:=driver:-OpenConnectionurl,name,pass:conn:-ExecuteUpdateINSERT INTO animals( id, name, number, mass ) VALUES( 12, 'cow', 2, 513 ):

At this point the new row is not in the database.  If you were to exit Maple the row would be discarded.  The update must be committed before it enters the database.


Now that Commit has been executed, the new row has been added to the database.

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