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Differential Rational Normal Forms



The main functionalities are to


construct the polynomial normal form of a rational function,


construct the two rational canonical forms of a rational function,


construct the two multiplicative decompositions of a hyperexponential function,


construct an additive decomposition of a hyperexponential function,


solve the indefinite hyperexponential integration problem,


help solve the definite hyperexponential integration problem.

List of Commands


AreSimilar, Gosper, IsHyperexponential, MultiplicativeDecomposition, PolynomialNormalForm, RationalCanonicalForm, ReduceHyperexp, Zeilberger.

See Also

help, SumTools[Hypergeometric]



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Geddes, Keith; Le, Ha; and Li, Ziming. "Differential rational canonical forms and a reduction algorithm for hyperexponential functions." Proceedings of ISSAC 2004. ACM Press. (2004): 183-190.

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