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ContextMenu[Save] - save a context menu module

Calling Sequence

Save(nm, archive)




(optional) name; context menu modules to save



(optional) string; Maple library



The Save(nm) calling sequence adds the context menu module nm to a library.  If a name is not specified, the StandardContext module is saved.


If archive is specified, then the variables are added to the corresponding library.  If it is not specified, then the variables are saved to the library specified by savelibname.


If archive is a directory, Maple assumes the default library name, maple.mla.  Otherwise, archive specifies the path and library name.


If archive is not specified and savelibname does not specify a library, an error is generated.


If archive is specified but no corresponding library exists, it is automatically created.

Examples of ContextMenu[Save]


savelibname := "/home/maple/lib";

CurrentContext[Entries][Add]("Square Root", "sqrt(%EXPR)", algebraic);


See Also

ContextMenu, LibraryTools[Save]

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