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ContextMenu[CurrentContext][Queries][List] - list queries defined for context menu module

Calling Sequence




The Queries[List] command lists the names of the queries that are available within this context menu module.


Each string in the list returned by Queries[List] is the name of a query defined for this context menu module with Queries[Add].


The associated procedure with a name in the returned list may be viewed using the Get command, or run with the Run command.

Examples of Queries[List]

newCM := ContextMenu:-New():

newCM:-Queries:-Add("set of size 3", proc(e) type(e, 'set') and evalb(nops(e)=3) end proc):
newCM:-Queries:-Add("variables", proc(e) indets(e, 'name') end proc):
newCM:-Queries:-Add("is_parseable", proc(e) try parse(e); true catch: false; end try; end proc):


List the names of the queries available in this context menu module.


is_parseable,set of size 3,variables


See Also

ContextMenu, ContextMenu[CurrentContext][Queries], Queries/Add, Queries/Get, Queries/Run

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