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ContextMenu[CurrentContext][Queries][Add] - add query for use within context menu module

Calling Sequence

Queries[Add](nm, query)




string; name by which query is referenced



procedure; returns information about the right-clicked object



The Queries[Add] command adds query to the set of recognized queries under the name nm.


The nm parameter is the name by which the query is used and referenced by the context menu module.  The query parameter is a procedure applied to the selected object.


Note that if a query is boolean-valued, meaning it returns true, false, or FAIL, then nm may be used in the test parameter to the Entries[Add] command. This indicates that the appearance of the associated entry in the context menu is dependent on the return value of query.


In addition to their use in Entries[Add], queries may be called by entry generators (see EntryGenerators) or by other queries using the Run command.

Examples of Queries[Add]



Add a query that lists the exports of a specified module.

Queries[Add]("Exports",    proc(e) [exports(e)] end proc);


Add a query that returns the number of exports a specified module has.

Queries[Add]("NumExports", proc(e) nops(RunQuery("Exports", e)) end proc);


Add a query that tests that the specified module has exactly five exports.

Queries[Add]("5 exports",  proc(e) evalb(RunQuery("NumExports", e) = 5) end proc);

See Also

ContextMenu, ContextMenu[CurrentContext][Queries], Queries/Get, Queries/List, Queries/Run

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