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ContextMenu[CurrentContext][EntryGenerators][List] - list the module entry generators

Calling Sequence




The EntryGenerators[List] command lists the names of the entry generators that are available within a context menu module.  Each string in the list returned by List() references an entry generator, whose procedure or list can be viewed using the EntryGenerators[Get] command.


An entry generator is used to dynamically generate subentries in the context menu.  An entry uses the entry generator by setting the entry option 'entry_generator' to the name of the entry generator in a call to the Entries[Add] command.

Examples of EntryGenerators[List]



List the names of the entry generators available in the context menu module.


Functions,Variable Comb 2,Units_FPS,NumDigits,UnitSystems,RhsVariables,Units_MTS,Units_CGS,RightVariables 2,Rotation,GraphTheoryExportList,PermutedVariables,DiffRules,OuterVariables,PermutedLhs,rtableSelection,vectorNorms,CollectCodeType,Variables 3,Variables 2,VariablesIndices,CombineCodeType,VCVariables,Variables deg=1,GraphTheoryPolyVarList,IndefIntRules,ExprSeqSelection,Units_Atomic,VectorNorms,matrixVariables,MatrixNorms,VarsFuns,Variables,Variables deg=2,Linear Functions,LengthUnits,NetworkSourcesSinks,vectorSelection,DefIntRules,matrixNorms,Units_EMU,matrixSelection,Params,Units_SI,SeqSelection


See Also

ContextMenu, ContextMenu[CurrentContext][EntryGenerators], EntryGenerators/Add, EntryGenerators/Get

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