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ContextMenu[CurrentContext][EntryGenerators][Get] - get the procedure or list associated with an entry generator

Calling Sequence





string; index of entry generator in context menu module



The EntryGenerators[Get] command returns the procedure or list associated with the entry generator with the index Name.  This can be used to examine the entry generator.  To obtain a list of entry generators available in the context menu module, use the EntryGenerators[List] command.


The Name parameter is the index of the desired entry generator in the 'EntryGenerators' table.

Examples of EntryGenerators[Get]



Get the procedure associated with the EntryGenerator named "Variables".

q := EntryGenerators[Get]("Variables");

q:=proctryGetEntries1StandardContext:-Queries:-RunVariables,argscatch:end tryend proc


See Also

ContextMenu, ContextMenu[CurrentContext][EntryGenerators], EntryGenerators/Add, EntryGenerators/List

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