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ContextMenu[CurrentContext][Entries][Disable] - disable an entry in the context menu

Calling Sequence





string or list(string); menu entry to be disabled



The Entries[Disable] command prevents an entry from appearing in the context menu until re-enabled with Entries[Enable].


The parameter action specifies the action or actions to disable. If action is a string, any entry in the top-level context menu with this name will be disabled.  If action is a list of strings, this is interpreted as a hierarchical sequence of submenus starting from the top-level menu.  Any menu entries whose submenu entry sequence begins with action will be disabled.


To remove all references to a given context menu entry from the menu, use Entries[Remove].

Examples of Entries[Disable]



Disable the top-level menu entry that negates a boolean value.



Disable the submenu entry that sorts a list in ascending order.

Entries[Disable](["Sorts", "Ascending Order"]);

See Also

ContextMenu, ContextMenu[CurrentContext], Entries/Add, Entries/Enable, Entries/Remove

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