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ContextMenu[CurrentContext][Entries][AddMultiple] - add multiple entries to the context menu module

Calling Sequence

Entries[AddMultiple](L1, ..., Ln, global_opts)




list; batches of entries to add to context menu



(optional) equation(s) of the form option=value, where option is one of 'active', 'autoassign', 'category', 'entry_generator', 'helpstring', 'submenu', or 'test'; specify additional information for each entry



The Entries[AddMultiple] command adds a batch of entries to the context menu module.


The parameters Li must be lists of the form nm,action,type,opts where nm, action, type, opts correspond to the identically named arguments in Entries[Add].


Executing Entries[AddMultiple](L1, ..., Ln, global_opts) is equivalent to executing the command Entries[Add](op(Li), global_opts) for each list Li.


If an optional parameter is specified both inside a list Li and in global_opts, the value specified inside Li is used.


For more information on adding options, see the Entries[Add] help page where global_opts correspond to the identically named optional parameters opts listed.

Examples of Entries[AddMultiple]



Add entries to the context menu that draw or obtain details about a geometry object.

   "geometry['detail']( %EXPR )",
   And('symbol', Not(last_name_eval),
   Not(constant) ),
   'helpstring'="Get details about the object"],
   "geometry['draw']( %EXPR )",
   And('symbol', Not(last_name_eval),
   Not(constant) ),
   'helpstring'="Draw the object", 'autoassign'=false],
  'test'=And(Not("assigned"),"geometry object")):


Add entries to the context menu that sort a list in ascending or descending order.

  ["Ascending Order",
   "sort( %EXPR, '`<`' )",
   'helpstring'="Sort the list in ascending order"],
  ["Descending Order",
   "sort( %EXPR, '`>`' )",
   'helpstring'="Sort the list in descending order"],
  'test'="has >=2 entries",


Add entries to the context menu that create two- or three-dimensional plots of an expression sequence of algebraics in at most one variable.

  ["2-D Plot",
   "smartplot([ %EXPR ])",
   'helpstring'="Generate 2-D plots"],
  ["3-D Plot",
   "smartplot3d([ %EXPR ])",
   'helpstring'="Generate 3-D plots"],
  'test'=And("algebraics", "Plot", "<=1 var", "Plottable"),

See Also

ContextMenu, ContextMenu[CurrentContext], Entries/Add, Entries/Disable, Entries/Enable

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