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CodeGeneration[Save] - save defined languages to archive

Calling Sequence

Save( archive, language = l )




(optional) string; Maple library



(optional) string, list, or set; translators to save



The Save command saves one or more language translators to the specified Maple archive.  This command is used for saving any user-defined languages added with tools from the CodeGeneration[LanguageDefinition] subpackage.


The language translators to be saved are specified with the language = l option.  The parameter l may be a string corresponding to a defined language name, or a list or set of strings which correspond to several defined language names.


If archive is specified, then the languages are saved in the corresponding library. If the library file does not exist, it is automatically created.


If archive is specified as a directory, Maple assumes the default library name, maple.mla. Otherwise, you must specify archive as a path and library name.


If archive is not specified and savelibname is assigned, but does not specify a library, an error is generated.


If archive is not specified and savelibname is unassigned, the first library appearing in libname is used.


Note: Save cannot write to a library that is read-only. In this case, an error is generated.


Save a newly-defined language to an archive for later re-use.




See Also

CodeGeneration, CodeGeneration[LanguageDefinition], LibraryTools[Save]

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