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Printer:-Print - Print expression

Printer:-PrintBinary - Print a binary operation

Printer:-PrintDelimitedList - Print list elements delimited by specified expression

Printer:-PrintParentheses - Print expression contained in parentheses if needed

Printer:-PrintStatementBlock - Print a block of statements

Printer:-PrintUnary - Print a unary operation

Calling Sequence


Printer:-PrintBinary(opname, expr1, expr2)

Printer:-PrintDelimitedList(l, delimiter)

Printer:-PrintParentheses(expr, icname)


Printer:-PrintUnary(opname, expr)




Printer module

expr, expr1, expr2


Intermediate Code expressions



string or Intermediate Code expression



operator name where opname is one of Addition, Exponentiation, Division, Multiplication, and Subtraction



member of CodeGeneration:-Names subpackage



The process of translating the intermediate form into a string equivalent compatible with a specific programming language is known as printing.


The Print command is the basic tool for printing intermediate code. Given an intermediate code expression expr, Print calls the Print handler for op0,expr and passes the operands of expr as arguments.  In this way it traverses the intermediate code tree.


The PrintUnary, PrintBinary commands print prefix unary and infix binary operations, respectively.  The name opname must have been previously defined with AddOperator, and must be one of the operators listed in AddOperator.


The PrintDelimitedList command prints the elements of the list l delimited with the expression delimiter.  It is equivalent to Print(op(ListTools:-Join(l, delimiter))).


The PrintParentheses command prints expr, contained within parentheses if and only if the precedence of icname is greater than that the precedence of op(0, expr).  It is useful for correct printing of infix binary operators.


The PrintStatementBlock command prints expr with indentation, and contained within a program block in the language.


For more information about Printer functions, see Printer.

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AddOperator, Intermediate Code Structure, Printer

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