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Printer:-Indent - indent line in printed output

Printer:-PopIndentation - reduce indentation depth

Printer:-PushIndentation - increase indentation depth

Calling Sequence







Printer module



The procedure Indent, when used as an argument to a Print call, indicates the argument following Indent() should be indented at the current indentation level.


The procedures PushIndentation and PopIndentation, when called, respectively increase and decrease the current indentation level.


The string used for indentation is controlled by the language attribute "Indent_Char". The number of indentation characters used for all lines, and the number of characters for each level of indentation are controlled by the language attributes "Indent_Base" and "Indent_Increment" respectively.


Any indented output line will have dl+b indentation characters, where b is the value of "Indent_Base", d the value of "Indent_Increment", and l the current indentation level.


Define a language IndentExample, as an extension of C, in which statements are indented and appended with a semicolon, a comment and an end-of-line delimiter.

LanguageDefinition:-Define("IndentExample", 'extend' = "C",
      Names:-Statement = proc(x)
            Printer:-Indent(), x, "; /* statement */", Printer:-Endline()
      end proc,
      Names:-Assignment = proc(x,y)
            Printer:-Indent(), x, " = ", y, "; /* assignment */", Printer:-Endline()
      end proc
   AddFunction( "f", [numeric]::numeric, "f" )
Translate(proc(x) local t; t := f(x); t/2 end, language = "IndentExample", resultname = t);

double t (double x)
  double t; /* statement */
  t = f(x); /* assignment */
  return(t / 0.2e1);

Define a language identical to VisualBasic, but which uses tab characters instead of spaces for indentation.



    a = Sin(x)
    b = Asin(a)

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